Two Person Operating System
A collaboration by choreographer Susan Marshall & artist Martha Friedman
Performed by Christopher Adams, Kristin Clotfelter, Kristen Hollinsworth, Luke Miller, Edisa Weeks, and Darrin Wright

Two Person Operating System had its World Premiere on Wednesday, November 16 to a full house at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts. The work, is an activation of a sculpture by artist Martha Friedman, featured in the 2016 Fall Great Hall Exhibition Some Hags. During a 30 minute continuous loop, the dancers pay careful attention to speed, force, and precision, while navigating dangerously sharp edges in Friedman’s creation. The sculpture and dance grew out of a collaborative concept developed by Friedman and Marshall, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Conversation After the world premiere Dr. Tina Campt, Professor of Africana and Women’s Gender and Studies at Barnard College moderated an open conversation (video below) with Dr. Brooke Holmes, Professor of Classics at Princeton University, artist Martha Friedman, and Susan Marshall & Company dancers Kristen Hollinsworth and Luke Miller.

Photograph ©Rosalie O’Connor Performers Christopher Adams, Luke Miller