Adamantine (2009)


Adamantine dwells at the intersection of dance, sound design, visual art, and theater, the exposed stage itself becomes a sonic performance instrument as the amplified sounds of its workings blend with the original score created and performed live by composer Peter Whitehead. Performers are continually constrained by limits imposed by the shifting stage machinery and by the lighting which, at times, narrows to mere pools or shafts. In this unpredictable environment the dancers move with fierce violence and luxurious abandon. Revolving around contrasts – this dance juxtaposes light and dark, freedom and constraint, shadow and reflection, formal and informal, joy and difficulty.

Dancers (Premiere)
Kristen Hollinsworth, Luke H. Miller, Petra van Noort, Joseph Poulson, Ildiko Toth, Darrin Michael Wright

Susan Marshall in collaboration with The Company

Musicians (Premiere)
Peter Whitehead, Elton Bradman

Lighting Design (Premiere)
Mark Stanley

Scenic Design (Premiere)
Jeremy Lydic

Costume Design (Premiere)
Olivera Gajic

Sound Design (Premiere)
Jane Shaw

Peter Whitehead

Video Design (Premiere)
Ryan Holsapple

Stage Manager (Premiere)
Lauren Parrish

Commissioning Credits
Peak Performances @ Montclair; World Premiere Performance of ADAMANTINE March 26, 2009 at the Alexander Kasser Theater