Cloudless (2006)

Cloudless is comprised of eighteen unrelated, brief dances inhabiting a simple shifting stage design made up of a table, fan, chairs, grass, snow, and various frames.

Dancers (Premiere)
Kristen Hollinsworth, Luke Miller, Petra van Noort, Joseph Poulson, Darrin M. Wright

Susan Marshall in collaboration with The Company

Lighting Design (Premiere)
Mark Stanley

Scenic Design (Premiere)
Roger Hanna

Costume Design (Premiere)
Kasia Walicka Maimone

Sound Design (Premiere)
Jane Shaw

Video Design (Premiere)
Maya Ciarocchi

Stage Manager (Premiere)
Betsy Ayer

Commissioning Credits
Cloudless was originally commissioned by Montclair State University's Office of Arts and Cultural Programming, and by Dance Theater Workshop. The company also received commissioning support from the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.