Fields of View (1994)

Fields of View, a sweeping dance set to Philip Glass’ Fourth String Quartet, examines how people rethink the past and dream of the future. “This work uses time as a central theme. Not as it clips along on the clock, but as we experience it ourselves. Our time frame is extremely fluid, constantly shifting from past to present.” - Susan Marshall

Dancers (Premiere)
Andrew Boynton, Mark DeChiazza, Allison Easter, Krista Langberg, Heidi Michele Fokine, Andre Shoals, Eileen Thomas, Scot Willingham

Susan Marshall

Musicians (Premiere)
Cassat String Quartet:, Muneko Otani (Violin), Jennifer Leshnower (Violin), Michiko Oshima (Viola), Anna Cholakian (Cello)

Lighting Design (Premiere)
Mark Stanley

Scenic Design (Premiere)
Judith Shea

Costume Design (Premiere)
Judith Shea

Stage Manager (Premiere)
Colette Barni

Commissioning Credits
Fields of view was commissioned in part by the Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival, and is co-commissioned by the University of Texas-Austin; by Full Circle Dance as part of its "Partnership Projects" program; and by Northrop Auditorium, University of Minnesota; Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa; and On The Boards through a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation.