Spectators at an Event (1994)

This project took place in New York, Austin, Minneapolis, Iowa City, Hanover NH, and Tempe AZ. At each site, Marshall and the company worked hands-on with thirty local volunteers, many of them unfamiliar with dance, over an intense week of rehearsals, culminating in a 30-minute performance. Spectators at an Event was inspired by news journalist Weegee’s photographs, which were incorporated in the production, as was original video by Christopher Kondek.

Dancers (Premiere)
Andrew Boynton, Mark DeChiazza, Allison Easter, Krista Langberg, Heidi Michele Fokine, Andre Shoals, Eileen Thomas, Scot Willingham

Susan Marshall

Lighting Design (Premiere)
Mark Stanley

Scenic Design (Premiere)
Sarah Lambert

Costume Design (Premiere)
Kasia Walicka Maimone

Video Design (Premiere)
Christopher Kondeck

Stage Manager (Premiere)
Colette Barni

Commissioning Credits
Spectators at an Event was commissioned in part by the Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival, and was co-commissioned by the University of Texas-Austin.