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WORK Sessions

PLAY In Play sessions, all participants will be introduced to creative tools for improvisation and composition as developed by Susan Marshall and Pavel Zuštiak. Play sessions give all participants a shared experience and shared vocabulary that they can bring into their Form sessions later. No distinction is made between dancers and choreographers. This is an opportunity to experience the challenges on both sides of the choreographic process while exploring a range movement development, choreographic structures and performance tools.

FORM In these choreography lab sessions, choreographers are paired with groups of dancers to apply concepts introduced in Play sessions. Company members join in by observing the process of generating, shaping, and editing, and offer their feedback.

DRAFT Draft sessions are a blend of discussion, feedback and writing lab that explore language as a facilitator of the creative process, and advocate for the presentation and reception of work.

PUSH An exploration of strategies and practices that dancers can use to move beyond their comfort zone as performers and contribute to a collaborative rehearsal process. 

Following WORK sessions, all participants come together and share what they developed that day. The entire group enters into dialogue centered around the day’s work and its challenges. Tools from Draft sessions are applied to facilitate the discussion.

A typical day
9:30 Company demonstration and discussion with facilitators
10:45 Warm up with company dancers
11:30 WORK sessions
1:15 Lunch
2:00 Warm up
2:15 WORK sessions
4:00 WORK sessions
5:00 Show